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Integrated Practices

Don't waste time or resources. We've got the best practices, methodologies and tools that will enable you to accelerate.

Most startups fail. Don't be one of them.





of fast growing businesses fail

fail because lack of product-market fit

run out of cash / fail to secure funding

fail because of flawed business model


Our Team

Experienced CXOs with multiple startup successes under our belts 

We're not going to lie, running a fast growing business is hard work. No consultants, YouTube videos or TikToks will ever solve that. But that's also why it's so damn exciting. Especially when you succeed.

We have been part of executive teams of many fast growing companies and have seen all the steps in the company journey, from creation to raising hundreds of million of dollars and building global teams of 500+ people.

We won't claim that we have the ABC of how to succeed with your business, but what we do claim, is that we have the experience in tools and methodologies that will give you the absolute best chances of succeeding, by enabling you to apply the structure you need to make the optimal decisions as fast as possible and thus avoid the common pitfalls that lead to most fast-growing companies failing.

Let's join forces and prove the stats wrong.

Thomas Nicholls

One20 Founder




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