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The experienced entrepreneur A-Team helping entrepreneurs and their teams accelerate and structure their growth.


Experience Matters

Looking for product-market fit or ready to scale? Our insights and best practices will help you secure the next phase of you growth.

Most startups fail. Don't be one of them.





of fast growing businesses fail

fail because lack of product-market fit

run out of cash / fail to secure funding

fail because of flawed business model

Our Services


Business Model

We can help you define your business model, including Ideal Customer Profile, Value Proposition, Revenue & Cost Structure, etc.

If your foundation is not clear and well defined, your efforts are sure to be inefficient.

We can help you align both internal and external stakeholders one your business plan to make sure that you move as fast as possible.

Operational Plan

What should we be doing over the next 6 months and how do we measure if we're getting there?

One20 helps you define a clear action plan and a solid process for regularly measuring your performance to ensure that you move as fast as possible.


We'll help you find the right acquisition channels that match your objectives and your available resources.

Sure, you can find m-plenty of tools and ideas on the Internets, but how do you know which ones to choose?

We like to build plans that deliver value quickly.


Raising money is not an end game. Actually, you might not even need to raise money.

We can help you define the plan that suits your growth ambitions and your numbers.

We'll help you prepare a great pitch deck, find relevant investors and choose the best strategy for your founders and existing investors.


Our Team

Experience as a Service

Building a business is hard. No consultants, YouTube videos or TikToks will ever solve that. But that's also why it's so damn exciting. Especially when you succeed.

One20 has solid experience from 20 years of building businesses from scratch. Chances are that we have already done what you need to do, and probably more than once.

We only engage when we're confident that we can deliver value and we believe in transparency.


Working with One20 also means that you get access to the One20 portfolio of companies and founders, as well as the extensive and global network of like-minded people. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your challenges and next steps and we'll give you our honest opinion on what you should do.

Thomas Nicholls

One20 Founder




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